Update 2 from the Philippines (11.22.16)

Tonight at Tahanan, we invited some young adults over for a homemade meal, fellowship, worship, and Bible study. As we were eating, I sat next to a young woman named Irish who has recently become more involved in our work at Tahanan. As she was telling me about her background and interests, the conversation moved towards what her experience has been with [G.O.D. Int'l]. When she talked about people she has met from our team over the past year, her eyes lit up. She shared about a specific moment she had with [Nathan Cameron] and explained how he taught her the story about Jesus and the sick man (John 5). She was so impacted by the Word and how he took the time to teach her the story. She then said, “You know, Nate teach me in the same way as Leafa…in the same way as Breann. And I feel so good, so challenged, in a way I have not before.” 

Her words were simple, but for me they were very impactful. She was able to associate a common denominator with people on our team, and for her, it is the way in which we’ve taught her the Word. The time we’ve taken to invest in her and help her develop the value of learning the Word and seeking the Lord. This is a testimony to the power of the Word, to the power of Jesus. Because we know the Word, when we come into a place, we bring light. We strive to model Jesus, to love how he loved, to have faith and use our time to invest into people around us and it’s life bringing! 

Tonight Shaun taught on Psalms 119:105, which says, “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Here, the psalmist uses metaphor to liken the Word to a lamp, a light that guides our way. Without this Word, we would find ourselves surrounded by darkness—directionless, searching and lacking instruction. What a gift we have in the Word. As a team, we have prioritized our knowledge of the Word by committing ourselves to learning it and practically living it out in our everyday lives. As the Word takes root in our hearts, we see evidence of it in the good fruit that’s produced. There are a lot of good things happening with the youth coming to Tahanan. It’s exciting to witness their hunger for the Word and their desire to connect with the LORD. We have an incredible privilege and responsibility as we navigate the best ways to invest into them and to continue to be a known presence as a people who knows God and can help them know him too. 

Update by Kristin Bennecker