Institute EA: Voices of Future Laborers

With everything we do, we are always open for improvements. In October of this year, that’s just what came from President of G.O.D., Gregg Garner, when he visited the Institute for G.O.D. East Africa. We enhanced what already was (a great program) to make it even more feasible in a third world context. Students were given a five-year layout for the classes that would prepare them for full-time employment with our organization. Their schedule includes a daily dose of Bible classes, practical skills development and on-the-job training in primary education, entrepreneurship, sustainable agriculture or building, and a deep, proximate connection to a community of faith. They receive all of that tuition-free, through generous donors and an East Africa team that works hard to provide for their educational experience.

This bible college really is the “opportunity of a lifetime,” but we thought we’d let the students themselves testify to the qualitative education they are receiving. Enjoy!

I am Elijah Kigonya Nsubuga.

I am a student at the Institute for G.O.D, East Africa, in Uganda Kabonge. I am very thankful for the skills development program, where I am learning skills in different spheres, like agriculture, building, and maintenance. I am so thankful for this education I am receiving free of charge, and not only that, but also with the word of God that we receive every day, and try to live it out in our everyday life.

There has been a transformation in my mind and ways that I have received through learning God’s word. Things like the relocation from the worldly to the heavenly citizenship blew my mind, washed my mind from the old way of thinking and seeing things. I am thankful and feel very much blessed to be in the Institute for G.O.D East Africa.

I am Brian Serunjogi. 

I am a student with the Institute for G.O.D, East Africa, in Uganda Kabonge. From learning at the Institute for G.O.D East Africa, there are so many things I have come to know, especially through the bible education that we are receiving which has greatly changed my life. For example, learning and knowing that God used his Word to create and bring order in the world, this has enabled me to change from my former way of being quiet to being articulate now. I grew up in a family where we hardly shared or talked to each other. Being articulate has helped me to learn and grow as a student teacher at St. John’s, share with the rest of the youths about my problems and life’s experiences, and is enabling me to speak to large audiences.

In the past I would not care about others very much. I used to fight, visit dance halls, because I had a great passion for music. But now the word of God informs my actions, now, I do care about others by considering them more significant than myself. I have learned to work hard. When I remember that whatever I do will benefit the community and the vulnerable, I am encouraged to work hard in the garden, at school, and around the community for my different responsibilities.

I am Sarah Kwagala.

I am a student with the Institute for G.O.D, East Africa, in Uganda Kabonge. It’s exactly ten months,  since I joined the institute. I grew up in a in a Pentecostal faith family, I used to attend church and to pray. But my lifestyle wasn’t any different from the worldly or unbelievers. Learning God’s word has helped me to overcome difficulties, and I have now developed a sense of hope. I have faith that whoever believes in God, fears nothing.

I Am Peggy Najjumba. 

[Not yet pictured.]
I am a student at the institute for G.O.D ,East Africa Uganda Kabonge. Ever since I joined the institute for G.O.D, East Africa, it’s now like a month,  I have experienced many good things that have changed my life. At the institute I met Mr. Peter Kimbugwe who teaches me very well the bible, has helped me to learn how to read the bible. His lessons  have caused me to enjoy the bible studies so much. I am very happy with the good community I am in, we have morning devotions and I am learning how to express myself through prayers and singing gospel songs. They have really changed my life very much from the worldly ways and things. At the institute we have good teachers that advise us and put us in a good position, for example, telling me how to conduct myself, practicing time management in everything I do, and loving what I do. I am now starting to put all my effort towards what I do.

I am Agnes Nakiwala. 

I am a student with the Institute for G.O.D, East Africa, in Uganda Kabonge. Ever since I joined the institute for G.O.D., East Africa, many things have changed in my life. This is my first time to learn God’s Word, make observations, interpret it, and try to live out what I learn. At first things were not so easy, due to my past experience, because in the world the work for interpreting the word of God, would solely be for the priests. But now I can also observe a text and do an interpretation that is not so deep, through allowing the text to speak to me, and not approaching it with preconceived ideas.

When I joined the institute I started learning how to care for others more than I used to before. I have learned to be my brother’s keeper. Before I was only caring about myself, but now I consider my neighbor more than the way I would care for myself. Because I have come to know that we are all equal as human beings, we were all created in God’s image and his likeness.

I am Edwin Kasozi. 

I am a student at the Institute for G.O.D East Africa, Uganda Kabonge. I will start with thanking the LORD who chose me to serve him, I am glad for this service. I am also thankful for this opportunity I was given to study God’s word.  I rejoice in this learning because I get God’s knowledge. Before I joined G.O.D, I used to think and behave in worldly way, I had never received any teaching from the Bible before. When I joined the institute I started receiving bible teachings and my life has changed tremendously, from worldly thinking to the heavenly thinking. Now I am like him, I washed my mind and filled it with his word, from the time I started learning his word, I gave all my life to him. He is our LORD and he takes care over his people. I always use the scriptures to encourage myself, brothers and sisters, and also to have faith in him. I am also thankful that I have been able to acquire more skills at the institute. For example, like the new way of farming, I am sure that within five years I will be fantastic in farming with the education that I am receiving. I learned how to observe a text and to interpret it. From the time I joined the institute to now, I have become a spiritual person, I have read the scriptures, and I have received much education from my teachers, and I still hope to get more.

We need your help contributing to this project to make it work. This opportunity ensures that youth are given a quality biblical education, skills training, job experience, and a connection to a spiritual community. They are our future leaders in development work in East Africa, and we think the are worth your investment. We're doing our part, please join us with yours!