An Exciting 2016 in El Salvador

This year members of our team will travel to El Salvador every month in order to meet needs specific to our cooperatives and the youth we have been serving over the last two years. We have assessed what needs are most pressing and assigned the appropriate personnel capable to fulfill them. Some of our upcoming objectives are listed here. 

We are happy to welcome Lorena and Antonio as official cooperatives of G.O.D. in El Salvador. 

We will facilitate a teaching seminar for English language teachers in the rural schools surrounding Suchitoto, El Salvador. 

This Spring, Antonio Mejia (our new cooperative) and U.S. team members will be installing new garden beds on our property. Dietary diversity is largely uncommon in El Salvador where high carb, high sugar diets contribute to a list of health issues. This agriculture project will serve as a model for the surrounding community to see the potential health that can be produced when the land is utilized efficiently. 

One of our three ministry homes in El Salvador is being renovated to be a gathering place for youth, complete with a music room, library and counseling area. When we told the young people we were making this for them, the room was full of cheers. 

In addition, we are currently renovating a residential house on our property to become a Community Center to be used for outreach to local youth in the community.  The center will have three main portions to it: a music room/recording studio for the developing youth worship band, a library and study room for after school tutoring, and bible study and counseling room for individuals to come and have a safe and private space to discuss their personal issues. When we announced this to the youth in December the room was filled with emotional cheers. They have been waiting for a place of refuge, and we are happy to provide it.   

We will also be offering our Summer Bible conference for rural youth who live and work in our area. These Bible Conferences have affected the youth in a wonderful way. We heard testimonies from them about experiencing less conflicts with their family, being freed from addictions, and taking more precaution in their use of technology. We know this is just the beginning of great things for these eager students. 

The next few months will be full and we know that prayers of faith will empower us to succeed in our work because we are not doing our work, but the work of Him who sent us. Please pray for us as we go!

Matthew Parker
Director of G.O.D. Latin America Region