G.O.D.'s Newest Cooperatives in El Salvador

Lorena and Antonio Mejia

G.O.D. International recently welcomed two Salvadoran cooperatives, Lorena and Antonio Mejia, into our efforts. We are deeply thankful that the Lord brought this couple to labor alongside us.

Our property in El Salvador is frequented by youth who have found a refuge with our representatives. From bible studies and worship times, to health seminars and soccer games, there is something truly wonderful happening. 

Lorena and Antonio were married in December, and moved to our property in rural El Salvador shortly after their wedding.  They will serve as G.O.D. Int’l representatives to our neighbors, and will be a consistent presence at our new youth community center.  In March, the community center began offering local youth weekly English lessons, music lessons, and guidance counseling, as well as a place to play soccer and socialize in a safe and healthy environment.

Lorena’s hunger to learn the Bible has been a distinctive quality about her that we witnessed over the years since we met her in 2013.  We’ve been able to contribute to her education in the Word through our annual Bible conferences, as well as personal Bible studies, and now Antonio and Lorena are enrolled in classes through the Institute for G.O.D. Int’l tailored specifically for our cooperatives in our four international regions.  This opportunity to study the bible is an answer to their prayers and they are eager to learn.

Knowing Lorena for several years, we are certain about her love for the Lord and her genuine concern for the youth in her area. Working many years without training or support, we are happy to offer Lorena both a position with us and further training in ministry. 

Lorena has ministered to her local community, in an adjacent neighborhood, for several years. She has faithfully followed the Lord, leading a group of youth in their pursuit of Him. The Community Center now expands her ability to minister to these youth, as well as those that live nearby. Though Lorena has been functioning as a counselor and pastor for youth in the area for several years, we are happy to now provide her with the training she's longed for, as well as a safe place to be able to host youth on a regular basis.

Antonio will use his skills in agriculture to maintain and develop the land surrounding the community center and their home. He will also manage the community center music room, which will soon be outfitted with a recording space to allow youth to record their songs and learn the skill of music production.

The most necessary key to youth empowerment is a biblical education. While we offer bible seminars as often as we can, training the Mejias in the Word of God themselves will offer more consistent teaching for the youth in the area. 

Gaining Lorena and Antonio as cooperatives has exponentially expanded our ability to serve our neighbors in El Salvador well. In an effort to support them as they transition into ministry with us, we are sending small teams of G.O.D. Int’l representatives each month of 2016 to deliver and facilitate much of the Mejia’s coursework.  Each team will each also bring personnel to accomplish a specific project, such as equipping the community center music room for recording, or offering a series of health care seminars to our neighbors. Together we will offer a place for youth to thrive, away from the burdens and dangers that their lives are often characterized by. Together we will cultivate the love for God that is already growing in the hearts of the youth.  

Written by C.F. Edwards