Introducing New Cultural Liaison in India


This month, Manohar Paul began working full-time with our India Regional team. Manohar will be serving as a cultural liaison for our development work in the region, enhancing our ability to navigate the cultural, political, and social issues of our program area. (What does a cultural liaison do for G.O.D. Int'l? Read here.)  In addition, he will be aiding in the facilitation of educational and arts-based opportunities for young people in the region. Here, Kelly Jobe, India Team representative, interviewed him about the opportunity to work with our organization.

Manohar and Sneha Purti Paul with Nick Sherrod and Leah Sherrod, December 2012. Though he just began formally working with our organization this month, Manohar has offered his help and friendship to our organization for years.

Manohar is a very talented individual with incredible networking skills, as well as a gifted student and musician.

Our ministry first met Manohar in 2010 when he hosted students from our summer internship program. Manohar recalls, “While I didn’t get a full picture of what G.O.D. International was doing, I was introduced to the organization and began learning about the areas of interest in which [they] were working. Over the years, I have met many good people. I have been inspired, challenged, and motivated by the kind of work which G.O.D. International is involved in. It really excites me to see people coming from the States, ready to work in the rural areas and even the areas in which the Indian churches are not interested in working these days.”

Manohar has worked within a church for the last decade, specifically serving within youth ministry for the last seven years. One of the things that he’s most looking forward to in working with our organization is the opportunity to continue working with the youth of this city. “I have always had a vision to work with the youth. To be able to provide young people from all different churches a platform to meet and to provide activities with a biblical foundation really excites me.”

“The places where I was working had become a comfort zone for me.  It reminds me of when Peter saw Jesus walking on the water, he was the only one who stepped out of the boat. Although everyone was looking at what Peter was doing — I think I was one of those disciples who always wanted to be inside of the boat, where it is comfortable and I don’t have to take risks. Right now, this is a season where the Lord is saying, ‘Now it’s your time to come out of the boat, out of your comfort zone. It’s time to walk by faith rather than holding onto the boat.’ The things that lie ahead are so big for me that if I just think about myself then I will just crash down. However, when I look at the Lord and the way he has been working, I must say this has to be from God. The Lord has been pushing me out of comfort zone, so that I can truly depend on him and take a risk. The Lord is asking me to do something which I cannot see. The Lord is preparing me to grow in my faith - to hear and obey him so that I can walk, trusting him, not looking at the water, not looking at the situation, but rather looking at Jesus and walking with him.”

Recently, Gregg Garner spent time in India and was able to spend focused time investing into Manohar, teaching him about the Lord, and explaining what the expectations will be in him working with our organization. 

“Thanks to you all who have been supporting, loving, and caring for Sneha [Manohar’s wife] and I. It’s not been very long yet, but I have friends in this community who have been praying for us for years. You can continue to pray for us as we transition into this new role. We never thought that we would have this opportunity and privilege. We know however, that things will not be easy, so pray that God can give us wisdom, discernment and strength so we can keep walking with him. We want to find our rest in him, knowing that we are listening the Lord and doing what he’s asked us to do.”

Manohar Paul and his wife, Sneha Purti Paul