Stepping into Summer

What does this season hold for a student at the Institute for G.O.D.? 

Every organization handles the change of seasons in their own way. Some organizations shut down; Some organizations keep chugging along unaffected by stepping over the solstice.

It’s hard to ignore the change of the season around here. As we step into the summer, our garden is beginning to bloom. It’s a great way to mark the change of the season. Americans may associate the summer with swimming pools, but most people in the world live by an agricultural calendar.  And there is wisdom in viewing the seasons through the eyes of the farmer.  He sees that each season plays an important role in the completion of a unified purpose. No season is a total break from what came before.

Summer is a time to continue what's been started--to put to the test the things they've learned in the classroom, the prayers they've prayed year round. 

For many students, who live solely according to the academic calendar, summertime is just that, a total break, a time to put the classroom behind them, as far as they can manage. The less they think about the classroom, the better.

But we want our students to have a different experience. Summer is a time to continue what has been started -- to test and broaden what they learned in the classroom. They will be doing development work abroad, working with youth and immigrants in Nashville, and participating in a number of other programs and opportunities.

Our main focus is the growth of human beings, and each season is important in this process of development. We don’t adjourn for the summer because the task of becoming mature followers of Jesus is a year-round task.