"Thank America's Teachers" Grant Submission

Ms. Corey Foster, a homeroom teacher at The Academy for G.O.D., has submitted a project proposal to Farmers Insurance for the 'Thank America's Teachers' grant award, for $2,500! 

This proposal is a request for funding that will help us outfit our new STEM room! But we need your vote to help make this happen. Voting begins today and is open to the public throughout June. 

Please take a minute EACH DAY to vote for Ms. Foster's proposal through the month of June. Together we can earn $2,500 towards improving our facilities for the Fall semester!

Here's the process:

Step 1) Go to the 'Thank America's Teachers' page at Farmers Insurance. https://www.farmers.com/thank-americas-teachers/vote-for-a-teacher/vote-for-a-proposal-form/

Step 2) Search under Teacher's last name, "Foster". Corey Foster is the only name that will come up. 

Step 3) To vote, select her proposal, and enter your email address as directed. Only after you receive the email and follow Step 4 will your vote count. 

Step 4) Go to your personal email account to open the email from Farmers Insurance. It should arrive within seconds. Click on the link as directed, to confirm your vote!

Step 5) Repeat this step daily through the month of June. You can even do it from different email accounts!

 Encourage friends and family to vote every day.  Voting ends June 30!