Summer Teacher Development at the Academy for G.O.D.

It has been a productive summer for the faculty of the Academy for G.O.D! After a wonderful year of teaching, we have spent much of the summer seeking further educational opportunities and professional development.

At the Academy, weekly teacher development seminars punctuated our calendars.  These seminars ranged in topic from curriculum development to individualized education. Additionally, a group of 12 teachers and administrators have met with the headmaster, Gregg Garner, for a series of workshops on curriculum development.

Over the last several weeks, many of our teachers also attended Professional Development Seminars offered in the greater Nashville area.  These seminars provided teachers with specialized instruction according to various disciplines such as reading and writing, problem solving, educational objectives, classroom management, and many more. These seminars were very useful, and also provided our teachers the opportunity to network with other teachers in our local area.

We are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had this summer to grow and improve our craft, and we are already gearing up for the new school year that begins in a few short weeks!