A Board You Can't Just Pass By

When most people who attended school in recent decades hear the words “school bulletin board,” visions of catchy phrases written in bubble letters, edged with brightly-colored corrugated cardboard borders come to mind. Maybe they remember a clever looking cartoon  owl, posing a question about students’ favorite summer reading, or a tree with colored leaves reflecting the current season, each with relevant vocabulary words meticulously written on them by devoted teachers. Whatever the case, bulletin boards have been a fixture in the halls of education for years, including here at the Academy for G.O.D.

In our school building, one of the bulletin boards that hang in our main hallway has been developed into a consistently updated, eye-catching, fascinating collection of information called the “Did You Know?” board.  This board is designed to draw the students’ attention on a regular basis, prompting interesting conversations. It’s also intended to make connections between content learned in class and practical application in the world, as well as featuring the good work their teachers do with their time outside of the classroom.

Most recently, the “Did You Know?” board was divided into four sections: How the World Works, Health Information, Education Around the World, and Language Learning.  Each section of the board contained vibrant photos, easy to understand infographics and fun facts.

The How the World Works section featured marketplaces around the world, including photos showing the varied way markets can be structured, the different types of products and produce, yet highlighting the fact that the marketplace is an age old human reality-- a place to buy, sell, exchange, barter, and obtain what we need with the resources that we have.  

The Health Information section contained two sets of information.  First, the benefits of Yoga , including illustrated pictures of 24 poses that are safe for children to practice.  Second, an overview of poop, headlined by the statement: “That’s Stinking Interesting!” This overview contained a series of facts that empowered students to be knowledgeable about the often unmentioned topic.

The Education Around the World section held a photo tour of St. John’s Primary School, which is located next to G.O.D. International’s East Africa Hub in Uganda. Academy for G.O.D. students know that many of their beloved teachers have worked at St. John’s in recent years, which brings a particular connection for them as they inspect the photos and read the captions.

The Language Learning aspect of the board held 5 infographics offering “50 Awesome Facts About Language”, which included facts and visual representations of statistics, historical information, and literary references.  

The “Did You Know?” Board is located directly outside classrooms, between sets of lockers, and on the way to the water fountains and restrooms, so students pass it many times each day.  It is not uncommon to find a visiting parent or guest teacher pausing to take a look at this valuable resource. Lead teachers collaborate together to ensure that the content is updated every 4-6 weeks, so students can anticipate a new display approximately every quarter.  The “Did You Know?” Board is just one way that teachers at the Academy for G.O.D. work to provide a holistic educational experience for students, and if you find yourself in our hallway, make sure to take a look-- you might just learn something.

Written by C.F. Edwards