Pray for Rain in Uganda

Francis Lubega is our Director of Facilities at G.O.D. East Africa where he is involved in building and maintaining not only the built structures, but the overall land plot.

An Urgent Request for Prayer from Francis Lubega

Director of Facilities at G.O.D. East Africa (Uganda) 

We need every one's prayer as Ugandans due to the most obvious anticipatable famine we are likely to face in the near future. The majority of Ugandans entirely depend on the nature when they grow crops. More than three quarters of the population depend entirely on their gardens for survival.

Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of weather, food production has been very poor in Uganda since last year (2016). From August to December 2016, which was the last planting season for the year, in my area of Bombo (Kabonge) there was only 10 days of rain and less than an hour of rain duration per day of those 10 ten days. Sometimes it would be a very light kind of rain which can't support good food production. This is what happened countrywide.

Amidst all these uncertainties, we thank God for the 2 wells which were installed on our land here at the G.O.D Int'l headquarters in East Africa. This enabled us irrigate our crops and produced some wonderful results. We all believe that these wells are a special gift from God to us. We also see that they came with great responsibility for us to work together with God, in order to be an answer to the surrounding community.

On our land, we are getting ready to harvest corn--quite unlike our neighbors. 

While we can try to help some in our area, we can't do enough to meet the need. Please pray with us that God sends rain to enhance food production allowing my Ugandan brothers and sisters to grow enough food. 

Left: Corn on neighbors' land. Right 3: The corn, water, and garden plot on the G.O.D. East Africa property in Uganda.