Reviewing for Success

Institute for G.O.D. EA begins Spring '17 Term

I am happy to share some things that have happened at the Institute for G.O.D. East Africa. This week, it has been a time for reviewing some information that was covered in the winter term. We went over the Inductive exegesis Method for biblical study, which included observation, theological themes, and statements have been developed and discussed in class. This has helped the students to hear each other's themes and theological statements, as they develop the ability to know whether it is a good theological statement or not, and also to hear whether their statements are in line with their theme and at the same time from the text.

I have realized how helpful it has been for them, to have this time as a review session. Weekend workshops have also provided a wonderful opportunity for learning new things, on how to develop in various skill, paper writing and outlining, reading skills/tips have all been such invaluable tool in skills development.

Written by Peter Kimbugwe
Lead Instructor, Institute for G.O.D. EA