Update from El Salvador Feb 9th 2017

Update from Lorena Mejia

We thank God for a week of fellowship that we have spent together with the children and the youth, developing different activities that unite us more each day and that opens doors so that the youth may serve and help with the need. This week, a few activities happened: conversations and prayer with the youth that since Wednesday have been coming to the campus to participate in the Bible studies. According them, they've had some difficult moments. They want advice and to learn from the Word, and we were sharing meals with them and having conversation about their difficulties. 

In addition to the Bible studies, the work of the garden is continuing which is a sign of good things before the neighbors. They look at our crops with admiration when they see how green the plants are and they observe the unity of the youth group in taking care of it. This happens even more since there is now production of some things like radishes which have grown large, healthy and delicious and of which even the leaves are taken advantage of to prepare delicious meals.

Saturday we had a special activity for the kids during which we had some games, Bible stories and because of the attendance points the kids had earned this past year [by coming to our property to our property and participating in events] they were able to get some small door prizes and a delicious snack. There was one kid that didn't have points and they had to share points and this way, they learned the importance of sharing. The activity was very nice and everyone was happy and thankful. Sunday we started painting the dormitories with the help of the youth. 

We hope that the youth can learn the Word and above all that it will move us to practice it and to live under the will of God.

God bless everyone!!!!