Update from the Philippines: February 6 & 7

Monday February 6th

Today we held a day long Biblical Studies Seminar with about a dozen youth leaders and young adults in attendance.  In this seminar, Chris, Jason, and Ty covered a few aspects of a way of approaching the Bible to let it speak for itself instead of us placing preconceived ideas on the text.  They split attendants into group sessions and small group workshops. For these young people, English is their second or even third language. They were all very attentive in group sessions and participated in good discussion in small group workshops. It was a great time of fellowship with young people who are hungry for God’s word and eager to put in the work to gain more understanding.  After working through scripture  all day, we all enjoyed eating out for dinner, fellowshipping and furthering our relationships with one another. 

God has been so good to us on this trip. We have been experiencing some really good times of worship and fellowship with one another. 

Tuesday February 7th

This afternoon Chris met up with MC, a young man who has been attending Tuesday night bible studies at Tahanan, to record one of his songs. MC often leads worship at Tahanan’s Tuesday night event and shared one of his songs that he wrote with Chris.  Filipino culture is very musically driven. People love to sing and dance and play instruments.  Our times of worship are so refreshing because those present are not shy to sing out to the Lord and they truly love any opportunity to participate in worship.  

Ty had an interesting conversation with Sherelyn, a young woman who has been attending events at Tahanan, about her recount of Typhoon Yolanda.  It has been a little over three years since the super typhoon ripped through the island of Leyte. Many relief organizations have left by now, but there is still much to be done as people are still trying to recover from the effects of this disaster. 

For this week’s Tuesday night bible study, Chris spoke on Exodus 1:15-1:22 and the preservation of life and what it means to fear God.  For young people here there is so much that demands of their time. The amount of time that school requires is more than we are used to in the states and there is some sort of event at church almost every day.  For most of those who attended last night, Tuesdays are the only days that they have “off” in regards to a scheduled obligation through their school or church.  I am encouraged by their hunger for the word and their desire to spend time together.  Of all the things that they could have done with their free time, they chose to come learn God’s word and spend time worshiping the Lord together. We finished out the night with various board games that made for a very fun night of hanging out with some new friends.