Update from the Philippines: February 8 & 9

Wednesday, February 8th

When team member Leafa was here for 10 months in 2016, she had the opportunity to teach at Baras Elementary where Clark has been continuing her efforts since her departure.  Leafa shared with me that even though the school building itself has been reconstructed since Typhoon Yolanda, the teachers still have not been able to recoup the loss of some of their teaching materials.  Through a generous donation, we were able to bring several scrabble game boards to be used as a teaching tool for their English classes.

Megan Cameron and Rina Miller hosted a ladies day out to get to know Irish and Sherelyn, two young ladies who have shown great interest in learning the Bible.  

One of my objectives for this trip was to take out Rina and Irish for a ladies day. After our ladies day, we joined up with the rest of the team at Tahanan for a bible study. These young people are so hungry to learn God’s Word. We are taking full advantage of any opportunity that we have with them to teach the Bible. This evening Chris taught on the ten commandments from Exodus 20. We had a good time of study and discussion, and finished the night off with dinner and fellowship.     

Thursday, February 9th

Tonight the team visited the Cumpio Clinic (a midwife clinic where Rina has worked in the passed) for a fellowship meal. After their meal, they went to pick up Jackie from the airport, a friend we met in 2013 and have assisted in her receiving midwifery training to meet the significant needs in the maternal health realm in the Philippines.  

After we all returned to Tahanan, we had a bible study. Jason spoke on the parable of the Good Samaritan, how we are called to love our neighbor, and how we are supposed to see those who are in need and help them.