Filipinos Serve As Summer Interns

Summer has officially kicked off in the Philippines and that means the schedule at Tahanan (our local community center) is about to get busy with ministry and recreation opportunities!  Local youth regularly attend our weekly Bible Studies and Game Nights and we are opening up opportunities for them to get further involved through becoming a Tahanan intern this summer.

What will the interns do? 

We’ll be offering an informal Bible Class modeled off the Literary Analysis class of the Institute for G.O.D back in the States. Through the class, participants will gain an understanding of some of the biblical studies approaches used by our ministry so they can dive deeper into the Bible, making them more effective students and ministers. 

They’ll also be assisting in the facilitation of “Service Plunges” throughout the summer (opportunities we facilitate for local youth to help meet a need in the immediate area), and helping to organize athletic tournaments. 

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share the ministry we do with these interns and are actively looking forward to the relationships that will strengthen as a result!