Summer Activities in the Philippines

With April and May approaching, high-schoolers throughout Leyte island will be on their summer break. For certain college students, summer school will be starting and with it a new schedule. For other youth, a lack of opportunities will leave them with an open schedule. At Tahanan Community Center, we plan on taking advantage of this time by offering programs that will thrust these youth towards looking more like Jesus.

We love and look forward to more moments like this of worship and bible study gatherings with young adults in the area.  

Each week, Tahanan Community Center hosts a Tuesday night Bible study and meal. On Saturday nights we show a movie, not just to give youth a safe place to enjoy a night off with friends, but to also give thought provoking discussion as to the biblical connections and real-life applications that the story has to offer. Along with these regular events, we will host a number of other activities this summer. From weekly sporting activities to inspire some friendly competition and a fun exercise outlet to a writing club that makes room for amateur musicians and writers to share their creative gifts to an open mic night where they will be able showcase their talents to others, there is no want of opportunity on the horizon.  

We will be putting on fundraisers to help teach some youth ways to try to generate some funds, from which we will be facilitating service projects.  This opportunity will be educational in showing the youth how to use those funds in order to assist the poor and underprivileged within their own communities.

But it doesn’t stop there! We will also be putting on two Bible classes, one for young adults and one for high schoolers, in order to help introduce them to studying the Bible in a more academic fashion than they are accustomed so as to empower them to be students who both study and practice God’s word.

Not an uncommon sight in most neighborhoods in the Philippines where young people are looking for opportunity for activities to fill their day.  

To accomplish all this takes a lot of work, which is why we are also offering some internship opportunities that will not only be used to assist us in all the activities that we hope to do, but also allow the interns to develop their skills in serving the Lord. We are excited about all that God is doing here in Leyte, and we believe that he will continue to be faithful to us, as long as we are faithful to continue walking in his ways. Please keep us in your hearts and prayers as we strive to educate the youth here to live according to God’s Word.