Thankful for Grandparents!

Academy for G.O.D. Grandparents Day - Spring 2017 in Photos 


Grandparents hold a special place in a child's life. They often sit outside of the day-to-day busyness and are able to speak from a different position, one that understands how quickly life passes you by! We try our best to include grandparents in the educational journey of their grandchildren at the Academy for G.O.D. through a monthly newsletter and hosting a grandparents day each semester. We are always very blessed through their time on our campus. Here's a look at our Spring Grandparents Day, which had a focus on thanksgiving, with testimonies from the grandparents themselves!  

I loved the gratitude the kids are showing. During their presentations or videos nearly every student said their favorite thing or what they loved, or were thankful for, was school. So many said that they were thankful for their school and being able to learn, or learning more about God. 

I enjoyed watching how the kids all interacted with their teachers. You could tell they had actual relationships with them.  I was thankful they broke it up into time periods so could see both of my grandkids in their own classes. I enjoyed seeing that the teachers seem to LOVE what they are doing and that they KNOW the kids. There was a little guy who is super shy and didn’t want to be in front of everyone and a girl didn’t want to read her poem in front of everyone—the way the teachers handled each situation with care. It was impressive because they knew what the kids needed, and were able to handle it so well.
— Trudee Hill, grandparent of Owen and Charlee Kagay
I saw kids happy to be learning, articulating knowledge and emotion accurately, and responding and submitting to authority respectfully.  I observed values being transferred from teachers who exemplify more than professional educators, but rather a slice of who they really are in ways that are meaningful. I also witnessed the useful and practical being mastered and applied rather than the usual academic test-and-forget. 

The school slogan, ”Holistically educating children to become responsible, kind and ethical neighbors; competent persons, globally conscious, and historically relevant,” is more than just words. It’s actually being lived.  I am very glad to be represented by my grand-children at the Academy. 
— John Novak, grandparent of Evie and Yonah Arroyo
I loved hearing from the teachers what they are learning in class and seeing some of the kids work they have done. Especially listening to the kids enthusiasm about their school and their desire to show off.
— Mary Nelson, grandparent of Malachi and Caden Aaseby
I loved seeing that young children are already learning about what makes a true story, a fiction story, a myth or the truth.

It was also great to see how the children in Daniel’s class were very willing to help one another. To see children who had consideration for one another was indeed a blessing.
— Keith Cameron, grandparent of Daniel Cameron


Thanks for joining us grandparents!
We're grateful for you!