Take a Bow

Center Street Dance Academy finishes Inaugural Year of Local, Affordable, Practical Dance Instruction 

On May 6, 2017 the Center Street Dance Academy celebrated the conclusion of its inaugural year with a Spring Recital performance for an audience of over 120 parents, friends, and extended family.

From the summer to the spring term, the Dance Academy increased by a 1/3, and doubled the amount of classes offered. It hosted 3 recitals, in which more than 55 children performed choreographed dances of jazz, ballet, and hip-hop.

The Center Street Dance Academy operates with a staff of 4 teachers, all of whom volunteer their time to teach. It is a program of G.O.D International and a part of The Arts at Center Street. Part of the mission and vision of the Dance Academy, as established by Creative Director Gregg D. Garner, is that families would have the opportunity to participate in dance education that is local, affordable, and practical for families that are busy and productive. Overwhelmingly, families who participated in the Dance Academy this year have emphasized that this program adequately responded to that need.

Laura Young, who taught 4 classes in the Spring Term, said of her experience as a teacher: “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to teach all the dancers we get to teach. From fall to spring each dancer has grown in their ability. I particularly love watching dancers develop preferences with regard to type and style of dance, whether it be jazz, contemporary or hip-hop. Each dancer engages the various styles differently, and makes them their own.”

At the Dance Academy, something our teachers emphasize is that values that can be learned from an activity that takes collaboration, cooperation, and encouragement. We want our students to be thoughtful storytellers as they learn dance, and to consider the kind of character they are developing even as they participate in something that is often considered merely recreational.

Of her students’ growth as individuals over the term, Young said, “As the seasons continue I’ve been able to witness dancers celebrating one another in their moments of victory and comforting one another in moments of trial. To me, that’s the most beautiful thing about our Dance Academy.”


For more information on our Dance Academy and our upcoming term, visit the CSDA website, at www.centerstreetdance.com.