Giving Youth A Chance

Everyone loves an underdog story. When someone, against all odds, rises up and overcomes their circumstances. In these classic inspirational stories, however, there’s always the figures along the way who support their journey: the passionate teacher, the wise, elderly neighbor, the seasoned coach. They come in at pivotal moments to offer words of wisdom, a speech that spurs the protagonist to reach their potential, and ensure they can continue their journey.  Without the support of these people, the story’s hero or heroine likely would never become who we know them to be.

For so many of the youth we work with, without some kind of intervention, will never have a chance. If they make it to 18 without experiencing hunger, teen pregnancy, gang violence, a failing school, physical endangerment, unemployment, it’s a miracle. We work with youth to prevent these issues from stealing futures. All around the world, we are offering youth opportunities to be supported along their journey so they can overcome the odds. 

These are just a few windows into the work that we do with young people around the world. Working with young people can be challenging on many levels, but we’re with Jesus when he says that “the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.We recognize that part of following Jesus and bringing His kingdom to fruition is ensuring that young people are given priority in our work and the opportunities that they deserve.