CSDA In Review: Spring 2018


It is with excitement and gratitude that we close out the 2017-18 year of Center Street Dance Academy. In the last year, we have grown to 55 students in classes, ranging in ages from 3-15. We have added to our curriculum new classes in tap and hip-hop, doubling our classes offered from last year to this year, and increasing our teaching staff by four! We also increased from one recital performance to two, giving parents the rewarding opportunity to see their children perform on multiple occasions, and making it possible to host a large number of family and friends at our newly renovated venue, The Arts at Center Street.

Though we are excited about our growth, it is hardly the sole aim of our program. As a teacher, a highlight of my semester semester with my class of five-year-olds was the day that they wanted to do their choreography without my accompaniment. They began the semester excited to be with their friends, but timid to show anyone what they could do. To me their desire to perform was a sign that they had learned not just the steps, but the confidence to do something without a fear of failure, or timidity to try. That was a victory!

A triumph for Laura Young was incorporating a student with cerebral palsy, Levi Madron, into her 5-7 year old boys hip hop class. Her commitment to the task resulted in a successful performance from Levi at the end of the year. It wasn’t, however, just Levi’s success or hers. It was the success of the entire class, who had all participated to incorporate Levi, help him, and ensure that he knew he was a part of that team.

Another highlight was the opportunity to incorporate students who are both growing in skill and rising in years as assisting teachers. These students, Moriah Olson and Genesis Garner, joined with older, more experienced teachers and learned about classroom management, teaching technique, choreography, stage presence, formations, and so much more. We value the extra investment into these students and know that it will result in their own skills as teachers down the road.

As we continue into our summer term, offering a variety of workshops that will inspire and challenge our students, we do so with gratitude for all we have been able to experience and accomplish and with great hope for what is to come.



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