Cooperative meets St. John's Founder

Annette Nabugo is one of our EA cooperatives, a mother of five and a teacher at St. John’s Primary, the school adjacent to our property whom we have a partnership with. Recently our G.O.D. community in Uganda opened a produce stand and began giving neighbors samples of superfoods that they have been growing, like moringa powder. She re-tells the story of her visit here.

I went to the widow who is near our community to give her some samples of moringa powder and to teach her the nutritional values in moringa. She sat me down and told me her story. She let me know that she had started St. John’s school! I was so surprised. Since I have come to the village where we reside, I have never heard anyone talk about her work at St. John’s, though I knew she was a teacher.

In 1958 she got married and in 1959 she asked the church administrators, including her husband, to give her a permission such that she could start a school. By that time there was only bush around a small mud church. She started slashing [clearing the land] and digging [planting] in that place, building one building and being assisted by her husband. She went around the village talking to parents to bring their kids but she had so many challenges. She put her trust in God.

As she shared her story, I learned to continue working hard and trusting God in every situation, to be kind and patient, and even if there are so many challenges — to not stop.

In the 1980s she asked the government to take over the school she had begun, including class 1-6. The government did not give her anything in return for it.

She was so encouraged by the work being done there. She was so happy with it, and knew that I was working there as soon as I visited her.

We are so happy to continue a legacy that someone began with a passion that came from God, and are glad to have met this generous woman of faith who built something out of nothing. Please pray with us as we continue in the work.