Produce Tent Opens in Uganda

An update from Francis Lubega, Facilities Manager at G.O.D. East Africa headquarters in Uganda


The FaithWell Garden Organic Products tent has finally started today. I have loved the customers’ turn up on the first day.

Many people have been attracted to the tent including the village chairman and we used that opportunity to teach people about the nutritional values of the crops we grow and the benefit of growing good organically.


Many people have learnt about the nutritional values of Morringa oleifera and amaranth flour, which have been our new products which have been introduced in the area. People have been taking them to go and try them based on their nutritional values.

We have also been emphasizing explaining the nutritional values of other products before selling to them. Other products included; Kales, green pepper, egg plants, onions and pumpkins.

Next time we are going to even introduce an organic juice most likely beetroot juice.

We have been blessed over time through organic farming education. So it is now the time for us to become a blessing to our neighbors too by sharing the knowledge we have and also to avail the opportunity for the people to have access to health organic food.