Students at GOD Academy are introduced to age-appropriate concepts of agricultural science. We value early exposure to the field of food production, offering classes from kindergarten through high school. Students are involved in the holistic process of food production, gaining the confidence and skills to make viable contributions as adults to agricultural science at the national and international level. 

Topics Covered: Plant Biology and Life Cycles, Composting, Planting and Transplanting, Soil Development, Greenhouse Growing, Water Containment and Irrigation, Food Processing and Preservation, and Natural Remedies.


renewable Energy

Students learn principles of energy forms, production and conservation and take part in discussions about energy on the international level. Creative thinking is emphasized alongside technical terminology, with the goal of inspiring kids of a young age to become engaged in these important topics. 

Topics Covered: Electronics, Solar energy, Bioenergy, Wiring and Circuit boards


Building And Design

Our building courses teach students not only principles of construction but also considerations of the environment and how to evaluate resources available to a specific location.  

Topics Covered: Design, Structural stability, Appropriate Technology and Tools, Environmental Evaluations, Repurposing, and Drafting





Students are introduced to the raising of domestic farm animals. Our onsite apiary, chicken-house and sheep pen provide opportunity for hands on learning. Curriculum emphasizes the role of animals in the ecosystem, including properties of manure fertilization and insect pollination. Class time includes discussion on relevant issues, such as the current national crisis of bees as pollinators.

Topics Covered: Genetics, Nutrition, Reproduction, Growth and care for domestic farm animals, Beekeeping, Insects and Pollination, and Biodiversity and Ecosystem Stability



With an emphasis on preventative health care, students are introduced to the microscopic and macroscopic aspects of human health. Biology-related classes equip students to move towards personal and communal health and the occupations related to this sphere.


Topics Covered: Anatomy, Physiology, Balance and Coordination, Nutrition, Epidemiology, and Public Health


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Computer technology is a part of almost every occupational sphere, and we value the early introduction of students to such skills. In fun classes like ‘Games Creation’ students learn program design in a way that is not overwhelming. As their age and proficiency increases, classes focus on the creative utilization of program design for a variety of topics. 

Topics Covered: Games Creation, Coding, Software Design, Systems Updates and Maintenance, Software Analysis and Problem-Solving