Team Plants vs. Team Animals

This week I wanted to highlight Mrs. Bennecker’s creative arts class- Plants Around Me, Animals Around Me, and Team Plants vs. Team Animals. Mrs. Bennecker has had the students on many nature walks exploring the plants, animals, and habitats around the Academy. They have learned why many plants and animals are essential to our environment and how plants and animals have a symbiotic relationship to one another. They have explored how some bugs are beneficial to us and our environment and how some are detrimental.  They have taken cuttings from a Pussy Willow tree, put them in water, watched them sprout new life, and planted them at the front of the building. 


In all of the two week sessions, Mrs. Bennecker has helped students understand the importance of taking care of their environment in order to be good stewards of what God created. The students have really enjoyed learning about their environment, the ecological interconnectedness of plants and animals, and how and why they need to care for their environment. Here are some pictures from class.

This class has been a wonderful first class for Life/Animal Science days. The students were able to experience what they learned about in their other classes and in their own backyard. With this quarter ending, I'm sad to see this class go but thankful for what the students have learned and what they will carry with them.