Gymnastics and Weather!

Last week students began their final 2 week session of the semester. This means that this will be the final two weeks of new content. Students were excited to learn that these final weeks would consist of gymnastics and weather. Below are the descriptions of the courses this section. 

Monday/Thursday Broad Theme: Anatomy/Biology

Bible with Mr. Bargatze 

  • Bible is a continuation course for the entire school year. This is a description of the course overall as well as the goals from this semester. 
    • Academic Discipline: Creative Arts 
      • Description: In this course students continue studying stories and lessons from the book of Exodus. For both semesters (Fall and Spring), we cover major stories from Exodus and focus on life lessons from those stories. Students interact with these stories in a variety of ways including writing, drawing, acting, and telling stories. In the Fall, we went from the Joseph story to the Israelites entering the wilderness. For this Spring Semester, students will continue the Israelite wilderness stories from Exodus 16 to Exodus 34. We cover topics like the Law given in Exodus 20, The Priesthood and their purpose and expected behavior, the story of the golden calf, God’s self revelation in Exodus 34 (specifically on God being gracious, merciful, and slow to anger), and finally the significance of the tabernacle. 
    • Main Manipulatives: paper, pencil, classroom supplies, props 
    • Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Spatial/Visual 
    • Goals:
      • 1. Students will be able to identify 80% of themes from Exodus. 
      • 2. Students will be able to recall the Exodus stories in order from Exodus 1 to Exodus 34. 
      • 3. Student will be able to memorize 80% of definitions provided from each story.

Lost Treasure with Ms. Gowen

  • Academic Discipline: STEM
  • Description: Lost Treasure is a STEM class with an emphasis in math where students will learn the value of coins and how many of each make a dollar. They will also work to add dollars and coins together. They will solve problems and puzzles in order to open the treasure chest in their room. 
  • Goals:
    • Student will be able to tell the value of the coins quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. 
    • Student will be able to add totals with dollars and coins together.
    • Student work to achieve a goal.
  • Manipulatives: miniature rock wall and treasure chest, play money
  • Multiple Intelligences: logical, spatial, kinesthetic

Gymnast Training with Ms. Foster

  • Course Description: This language arts class will focus on reading and will engage students in the process of becoming a gymnast. Students will read about the training elements, how to think about their bodies in an effort to learn some routines. Students will also write about the skills that they learn in Gymnastics in the afternoons. 
  • MI: Intrapersonal, Linguistic 
  • Main Manipulatives: paper, pencil, library books, printed books 
  • Goals: 
    • 1. Students will learn the difference between fact and opinion in their reading material. 
    • 2. Students will gauge their own comprehension of reading material with their ability to move through reading material.
    • 3. Students will be able to write a short 3 step list to describe a gymnastics skills.

Gymnastics with Mr. Bargatze

  • Course Description: This class is all about gymnastics! Being a gymnasts requires strength, coordination, and flexibility. Students will be taught foundations for basic maneuvers (forward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands). They'll also be taught about the importance of warming up and practice. 
  • Academic Discipline: Creative Arts
  • MI: Kinesthetic, Spatial
  • Goals: 
    • 1) Students to learn how to hee-haw and toe tap. 
    • 2) Students to learn how to do a safe and correct forward roll.
    • 3) Student learns the different kinds of shapes required for jumps (pike, straddle, and tuck).

Tuesday/Friday Broad Theme: Great Inventions

Lightning News with Ms. Gowen

  • Academic Discipline: Creative Arts
  • Description: Campus Cartography is a Creative Arts class where students will be developing a map of their school campus. Students will work together to create one large map requiring them to collaborate. They will also compare and contrast their map with Google Earth and the previously created school map.
  • Goals:
    • Student will be able to draw an age appropriate map of their school campus.
    • Student will work with their classmates to develop one large map.
    • Student will incorporate elements of shape into the map and be able to point them out.
  • Manipulatives: paper, color pencils, pencil, Google Earth
  • Multiple Intelligences: logical, kinesthetic, spatial

Weather Forecasters with Ms. Foster

  • Course Description: Students will develop a stop-motion video using iMovie to depict a specific weather pattern/phenomenon of their choosing. Since the weather system chosen will be research in their LA class, Lightning News, students will use this Creative Arts block to develop their props, take photos and create their iMovies to share about their weather. 
  • MIs: visual/spatial, linguistic, interpersonal, interpersonal 
  • Manipulatives: iPad, colored paper, scissors, black markers
  • Goals: 
    • 1. Students will be able to create a sample product with a team of 2-3 students exemplifying appropriate teamwork skills including communication and kindness. 
    • 2. Students will turn their written knowledge/research into a visual representation. 
    • 3. Students will manage their time well to create a final product. 

Cloudy Day Drawings with Mr. Davis

  • Course Description: Students will engage in drawing various elements of weather using the 5 elements of shape. They will be challenged to stop in the midst of each piece that they are drawing and break it down into the elements of shape with proficiency. Students final project will be a water color painting of the weather type of their choice. 
  • Goals: 
    • 1. Student will respond quickly to the task of verbally labeling the 5 elements of shape in their artwork. 
    • 2. Student will be able to break down the elements of shape into their own artwork. 
    • 3. Student will be able to make a watercolor representation of the weather type of their choosing. 
  • MIs: visual/spatial, linguistic, naturalist
  • Main Manipulatives: paper, pencils, markers, watercolor paper, watercolors, water, paintbrush 

Weather to Build with Mr. Cameron

  • Course Description: In this course students will be building a weather vane to determine the direction the wind comes from (and learning the science behind it). This will require them to utilize fine motor skills while building something they can use practically.
  • Manipulatives: Saw, drill, hammer, nails, paint
  • MI: bodily kinesthetic, spatial, intrapersonal
  • Goals: 
    • 1) Children understand how a weathervane works and successfully create their own.
    • 2) Students increase proficiency with using a hammer.
    • 3) Students develop capacity for following complicated instructions.

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Here are some pictures from the week. Enjoy!