Master of Theological Studies

The Masters of Theological Studies is a 48-credit master’s program. The MTS program assumes a thorough familiarity with the Bible and the original languages in which it was written. Building on this foundation, the MTS is designed to lead students into a deeper understanding of God’s Word - in regards to both overarching biblical themes that span the canon, as well as more nuanced truths that can be derived from particular texts. Students utilize the interpretive tools acquired in the undergraduate program to further develop their thoughts and ability to communicate a position on relevant theological, philosophical, and ethical issues. This program is designed to help students not only connect biblical concepts to contemporary issues in our world, but even more, to challenge them to develop their theological voice in being able to address such issues.

Master of Community Development

This program is designed for the missionary who desires to further his or her understanding of global issues related to mission work, having already obtained an undergraduate Community Development degree. The program immerses the student into an in-depth study of anthropology, sociology and psychology as a means for understanding the culture and customs of the world’s peoples. The student will be given the skills necessary to become an effective missionary through both practical and theological courses. The student will complete a comprehensive Philosophy of Mission paper as a final project. Upon completion, the student can expect to affect the society where he or she lives at the highest level. This program is a third world community development program in cross-cultural anthropological research.