Bridging the generations, the young and the old, through awareness, intentional service and social interaction.

An Essential Task


It's good to be aware of the needs of the elderly and widowed population in your community, but even better to do something about it. In our programs, the Elderly Care Program and Hopewell Widow Care Program, younger people are introduced to elderly and widows and given an opportunity to meet real needs. From middle school to college, including students from the Institute of G.O.D., youth serve the widow and elderly by doing for them what they can no longer do for themselves. Tasks that were once part of the senior citizen’s everyday routine such as cleaning, yard work, home maintenance, cooking, and running errands are dependent on others who are both able and willing to serve.  Our programs to the widowed and elderly 1) make others aware of these needs and 2) provide them an opportunity to meet the needs.

James 1:27 counsels the reader that to visit widows in need is the fruit of a pure and blameless religion. As a faith based organization, we not only heed this wisdom, but we do so gladly. It is an essential task and we take it seriously.


Dream with us!
What if every community of faith
took care of the widows in their neighborhood?