Writing a Different Story for Girls

These girls thank you, for helping write a new story! Rebekah Davis reflects on a literacy project she led in India, during which time students wrote their own children books. The project combines literacy and creativity while bolstering confidence that girls can be heroes! Take a look at these girls' dreams for the future. We're believing with them that room will be made for them to thrive.

About Gurgaon


Our ministry in India is based in the city of Gurgaon, just outside of New Delhi. This is one of India’s fastest growing cities, which poses issues of resource sustainability and economic disparity. Learn from G.O.D. India’s cultural liaisons about the history and unique characteristics of the area in which we work.

Daughters - All of Them

Rosemary Sherrod, ethnographer, is conducting an 18-month project that explores the psychology of women in India. This project seeks understand Indian women and their perspective on the issues like infanticide, sex selective abortions, child marriage, and widowhood. This project is essential in ensuring our work in maternal health and primary education will be effective.

Volunteering with Local Doctor

In this Snapshot, Jenny works alongside Dr. Tint Swe at a healthcare clinic for the Burmese population in West Delhi. Dr. Tint Swe opens his clinic every afternoon for 2 hours to give free health care to whomever comes in. Jenny assists Dr. Swe and his patients in their needs.

Learning Health Care at Burmese Clinic

Nick has spent the past 6 months volunteering with Dr. Tint Swe, learning procedures and more about healthcare in Delhi. Here, Nick talks about Dr. Tint Swe, his background and what he does at the Burmese Clinic.

Caring for Children

Rachel Nowlin, a graduate of the Biblical Studies program at the Institute for G.O.D. International, saw a growing need in her neighborhood in India and decided to meet it. Many migrant construction workers move to this area along with their families, leaving the children with minimal options for education and play. Rachel hopes to teach the children while she’s in India, and also help assist families in creating safe environments for their children to play.

Instructing Nurses in Maternal Care

This snapshot features Deb Nava, a recent graduate from NOVA's Child Birth Education program. Through the program, Deb was equipped to educate expecting families and serve as an advocate for healthy birth outcomes. Here, Deb teaches the young nurses at Dr. Tint Swe's Burmese Clinic about prenatal care. She will do formal education for the nurses at the clinic so that they can be well equipped in helping families during their births.

Visiting Widows

Vrindavan is a city in North India that is known as the “city of widows.” With a population of approximately 50,000, an astounding 6,000 widows (most of them young women, as the video will show) reside in this city. Widows are often sent away by their husbands’ families who want to prevent them from inheriting money or property. Penniless, ostracized, and alone, they come to this place to live out the remainder of their lives believing that death in this city will release them from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. This video snapshot captures Maria Pratt visiting a widow’s home in Vrindavan. Maria takes time to listen to the stories of the widows, as well as volunteers alongside others in facilitating a skit. Being considered unclean in their society, the widows are largely left alone. Having an opportunity to heal from such hardship is necessary, and Maria was glad to aid in that process. We know that God hears the cries of the widows, and Maria wants to parter with God to answer them.

Language Learning

This video snapshot details Jeff Sherrod's efforts in learning Hindi in India. Jeff primarily relies on communicative methods that stress using real language in actual conversations. Learning the language of the people we serve is one of the best ways to communicate our dedication and respect for them. Language learning is the opposite of an imperialist agenda but a necessary endeavor for anyone who wants to proclaim Jesus to the nations.