Bible Study at Center Street

Bible Study at Center Street is our Sunday gathering for corporate worship, prayer and study of the Word. Open to anyone and everyone, BS@CS is an great time for students to reflect on their week, pray, and discuss with others the meaning of God’s Word in their lives.



Every Wednesday, all Institute students are required to attend chapel. This is a time for worship, Bible study and prayer that happens every week. The Bible tells us to not forsake gathering together, and though students are in class all week, this setting offers a more personal time to spend with the Lord and other students as we seek God’s direction together as a Body.

After the chapel hour, students engage in practical weekly service. The combination of worship and service helps students to learn the value of living out that Word, regularly. After all, WE are God’s workmanship. We need to allow God the space to work on us (there’s a lot to refine), but often that refining happens when we busy ourselves with serving another. This practical service becomes an opportunity for collaboration, problem solving, friendship and skills to develop.


Student Accountability Groups

All students are put into accountability groups from the beginning of their time at the Institute. This ensures yet another network to check one on another’s well-being. Whether it’s getting advice on writing your first paper, to getting healthy, to relational issues, this group is a small network for every individual to be able to open up to for support.


Student Integration Program

New students enjoy our Student Integration Program. Because G.O.D. is a large organization that has many intricate parts and a special history, it takes some time to get acquainted and feel at home. SIP ensures that new students make that necessary step by conducting weekly meetings and hangouts, homework help, topical bible studies, and mentor relationships.

“That’s a lot of intensity. When do you all just have fun?” Don’t worry... we do.



We’ve done athletics different ways at different times, but they always happen somewhere. We’ve done intramural sports, pick up sports or simply formed teams and played others in the Nashville area. We’ve even formed our own teams and put on a competitive dance crew contest. Talk about seeing someone’s “true self” come out! We love to see that happen, the dialogue that ensues, and how participants learn to work as a team. So, to answer your question, there’s always sports.



The Arts at Center Street offers consistent arts opportunities to any interested parties. No pressure. But, it is a pretty amazing experience. Students at the Institute are welcome to join, whether in the spotlight or behind the scenes. Whether it be a One Act play, teaching ballet to kids, or a full-length musical, if students are interested in the Arts (or if they’ve never thought of it before, but get the itch to try it out), you just might find them on stage.


Single Life

Living for God from your youth, and specifically prior to marriage, is a special thing and a challenging thing, rolled into one. We offer consistent events and retreats for singles to mingle, to bowl, to masquerade, or whatever they want (almost).