About the Institute



The Institute for G.O.D. East Africa is an institute of higher learning that teaches theology and sustainable community development, modeled after the Institute for G.O.D. Int’l in Tennessee. The program is designed for the vocationally-minded individual who wants to pursue a life of service to God.


Our courses in theology equip students to interpret God’s Word responsibly. We challenge our students to know why the Word says what it does, and why it matters for their life. 

Students investigate current approaches in Africa and evaluate their effectiveness. They grow in awareness of the key concepts of development, and how the Word of God prioritizes them. Students will be exposed to a variety of disciplines including psychology, anthropology, history and organizational management.

Our program is coupled with hands-on development training in the fields of ecology, health care, education and entrepreneurialism. We believe that these aspects are necessary for any society to thrive. By doing these things with excellence, students can become competent Christ-like servants in a society that still needs the most basic needs met.


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