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The Institute Online program of GOD International has chosen “Introduction to the Johannine Writings” as the course for the upcoming Spring 2017 Semester.

In this course we will be focusing on the Gospel of John and the 3 Epistles attributed to his name.  We will pay special attention to the unique perspective the Gospel has on Jesus and his impact on groups of people who call themselves by His name.

The course material will center around selected passages that will give the student a good picture of Johannine theology.

Students will be responsible to produce an essay for each passage covered, to contribute to class discussions, and to complete readings from the course books.  Course books are being determined now and will be finalized before the beginning of the course.

This class will be co-taught by Nathan Cameron (myself) and Brandon Galford and will run from January 30th to April 3rd.

Biblical Foundations Certification

The Biblical Foundations Certification is a 36-credit program taught entirely online.  This program affords students who are unable to attend a traditional brick and mortar school an opportunity to receive a biblically based and quality education that is more tailored to their life situation.  

What is the Biblical Foundations Certification?

The Biblical Foundations Certification is a 36-credit program that covers the major genres of the Bible (Torah, Prophets, Writings, Gospels, Paul, John, and General Epistles) . Students will participate in an interactive online format with other students as they learn the fundamental teachings of the Bible. Courses will be taught in a flexible 12-week format that allows students to work largely at their own pace.

Who is the program tailored to?

The program is for anyone who wants to further his or her knowledge of the Bible. It is specifically catered towards adult learners who are unable, for whatever reason, to attend a traditional school. These students may be involved in full-time ministry, a career, or be stay-at-home moms. Because our goal is to teach students rather than pacing our way through curriculum, students will have real-time access to a caring and knowledgeable teaching staff.

What are the cost and time commitments?

Students should be prepared to spend six hours a week per class. In the first semester, only one class will be offered. We will expand that number to three courses per semester as the program continues.

The cost is $245 per credit. This includes access to the online course site that contains all lectures, homework, quizzes and discussions. Students will also have real-time access to a teaching staff with dedicated ‘office hours.’  Technical support is included.  This cost does not cover course books which students are expected to procure themselves.

What is particular about this program?

We want to see students of Jesus who can appreciate a careful reading of God’s Word that is accountable to an academic community without losing the spiritual and practical application that the text demands.  If you are familiar with academic study of the Bible, you may have been struck at one point by the discipline’s lack of practical grounding. Perhaps you have wondered why biblical scholarship, for all of its efforts, has largely made the study of the Word less, rather than more, intelligible. By contrast, we want your study of the Word to find root in your daily interactions and experience, and yet, not be limited to what it says to you alone, but you, as a part of human history.

We want to see students of the Bible appreciate the hard work involved in understanding a piece of literature that is two millennia old, while also recognizing its ability as the Word of God to give us direction in conducting our lives.  We want to see students further appreciate the earth-shattering revelation that came in Jesus as they gain a greater understanding of God’s Word.

How Do I Apply?

You can fill out the Application here!  The application details all of the information you need to submit.  If there's no deadline posted here we are still accepting them, though we ask that you apply as soon as possible if you have decided to participate in this program.

The transferability of credit form discussed in the application is found here.

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