Nissan Fundraiser

Students, teachers and friends of G.O.D. International are invited to volunteer to work concessions at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium. This simple task raises tax-free funds for G.O.D. International’s nonprofit work, plus, it’s pretty fun to sling hot dogs with 20 of your best friends for a good cause.


The Hopewell Neighborhood

The Institute for G.O.D. is located in the Hopewell neighborhood, an experience not many colleges can offer. It gives students a prime opportunity to live out the Bible’s commands to ‘love your neighbor as yourself,’ while considering the various demographics included in a true neighborhood: people unlike you. Students at the Institute will naturally interact with young children, teenagers and the elderly, by nature of being situated in a neighborhood instead of an isolated college campus. As such, they are able to meet the needs those varying demographics bring to the table, from serving up garden-fresh school lunch, to tutoring kids after school, to landscaping, to visiting widows. It is truly a unique experience!


Greater Nashville

Though a number of volunteer opportunities take place at our headquarters in Hopewell, the neighborhood is within a greater arena of service: Nashville. Dubbed “the new Ellis island,” Nashville’s diverse population gives students premier opportunities to not only meet needs, but also gain cross-cultural awareness and skills. Students at our Institute might offer summer camps to refugee children or conduct Bible studies for their parents. Ladies focusing on maternal health will volunteer to offer labor support to refugees. Others interested in youth empowerment give time as after-school tutors or athletic coaches. Connecting students with everyday needs in our city reminds them that service to the Lord starts NOW and not in the distant future.