Matthew and Ninfa Parker enrolled at the Institute for G.O.D. in 2007, just a few weeks after they were married, and have been serving around the clock ever since. They have two children: Mercedes Ezer (2011), and Santiago Lev (2013).

Matthew serves as the Latin America team leader and instructs both bible and missiology classes at the Institute. He is a full-time employee of MCH Nashville, where he works as a master plumber and mechanical contractor. He is a speaker and facilitator for youth community service weeks in Nashville and El Salvador.

Ninfa is an administrative assistant, and has blessed many spheres of our organization with her presence. She currently serves as an assistant to Gregg Garner, CEO of G.O.D. International. She is also an Event Coordinator who organizes community retreats and Institute student visitation weekends. She also works as a wedding coordinator for Details Nashville.