Worshipping Together

Written by: Stephany Dailey (Worship Band Class Coordinator)

This year the Academy for G.O.D. began a class entitled "Worship Band".  In this class, students are learning worship songs, instrumentation, and how to collaborate together to lead an audience into worship.  After coming together to learn songs, they meet with a teacher in a small group setting to play their instruments.  The students are very excited about this class and It is quickly becoming a favorite.

I have personally been leading worship for a little over 14 years.  I began singing in my church worship band at a very young age.  Getting that opportunity in my childhood was an experience that greatly impacted my life.  It was beneficial because it taught me how to worship and in turn how to get close to God.  This is my prayer for all of our students. 

This past week, students were given their band assignments and the instrument/position they would play in their band.  But before playing any songs together, they had to practice working together as a group. To help facilitate this, they played a fun game called "Direct and Do".  During this game, students paired up and gave each other direction, while the other had to implement the direction.  This is an essential quality to any team effort, but especially when playing in a band.  Being able to listen and give and follow direction will be a lesson that students continue to learn throughout the semester.  I look forward to seeing them work together to create beautiful music, but more importantly to seeing them learn how to come near to God.