The Pokemon card revolution has even taken the kindergarteners by storm! Several boys and girls bring their cards to school on a daily basis. 

Here are our class rules:

  • Students can play with and trade Pokemon cards before school (before 8:45am) and during Recess (we have 2 recesses a day in Kindergarten).
  • Students cannot have their Pokemon cards out during any breaks that are not one of our two official recesses.
  • Students are to keep their Pokemon cards in their backpacks, never in their seat sacks. (Much too tempting. ;) 
  • If any teachers or parent volunteers see a kindergartener get Pokemon cards out during a class, that teacher or parent volunteer should immediately confiscate them and put them on my desk. Students are then responsible to get them off my desk while packing up their backpacks during Wrap Up.

I told the kindergarteners, on their first day bringing Pokemon cards outside to Recess, that I didn't recommend them trading with older kids. I said they would likely have cards that older kids would want, but that if they gave them away, they might feel sad afterwards. They are allowed to trade as many cards as they want to, but should never feel pressured by another student to do so. Also, trading is a part of the game, so after they trade a card, it's not their card anymore and they can't just ask for it back.

I've appreciated how this is a fun and social game inclusive of all ages and both genders. No kindergarteners have had any emotional breakdowns because of it, and any distractions caused by sneaking a card to class is quickly stopped by having the cards taken away. Also, I've never noticed any kids making any negative comments toward the kids who either don't have any Pokemon cards or who aren't interested in the game. 

Finally, if any of your kindergarteners have any other little toys that they'd like to bring to school to play with at Recess, they can feel free to do so. Keep in mind that it might get a little dirty, as they'd be allowed to bring it outside. This toy would be under the same rules as Pokemon cards, with the following additional rules:

  • students would not be allowed to give their toy away to another student while at school (we'll save the toy trading for playdates where it can be supervised by parents)
  • toys must be able to fit in the student's backpack 
  • students can only take one toy at a time out of their backpack

I would love any feedback you have about Pokemon or toys at school. Please comment below or feel free to email me if you have any concerns.