This quarter, in addition to Class Dojo points, students have been earning stickers for good behavior. I want to encourage good behavior and let students know in the moment that their good behavior is appreciated.  It's really helped to increase enthusiasm and motivation to behave well, plus make sure that students' good behavior doesn't go overlooked.

Here are some pictures from our Numbers class on Tuesday. I gave students a sheet that had numbers 1-55 and had them color up to the number 30 because they need to earn 30 stickers to get grab bag.  This number in general might increase as we get further into the year.

We don't just do "grab bag" on Fridays anymore in kindergarten, but we do it every day at wrap-up! At any point that day, if a student has reached 30 stickers, they can bring me their sheet during wrap up and they get to pick from the prize bag. The number of stickers doesn't re-set every week, but if a student ends a Friday with 25, they will likely earn the remaining 5 on Monday and get grab bag Monday at Wrap-Up.

Warnings and Demerits do affect stickers, as they also affected Class Dojo points. If a student gets a warning, then they have to earn 1 extra sticker to get grab bag. If they get a demerit, they have to earn 2 extra stickers to get grab bag. So, in one day, if a student started off needing 30 stickers to get grab bag, but then they got a warning and a demerit, then they would need 33 stickers to get grab bag.

I hope that all makes sense! The kids are very enthusiastic and even doing a lot more math throughout the day to count to 30 and figure out how many more stickers they need to get to 30. Please email me if you have questions or comments or leave your feedback in the comments section!