Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten! We’ve completed our first week, and it was wonderful! I am really enjoying getting to know your children and I hope they are enjoying school. As you can see in the above picture from the first day of school assembly, the transition to kindergarten is a big one and can be quite intimidating! I hope that by now, however, your children feel at home, comfortable, and excited on a daily basis.


Teaching children is my favorite. Especially kindergarten. I love helping them transition into this new phase in their lives, I love their excitement, and I love teaching them how to behave.  I got into teaching because I traveled to India and realized that very few children in the area in which we were staying could read. It broke my heart, and I decided to dedicate my life to teaching children how to read, in addition to teaching them about the Lord.


This week in Kindergarten, our focus was on Law #1, “Love God with Everything!” We did songs such as “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” as a silly reminder that we should love God with every part of our body. We also have a song with actions called “I’m Gonna Love God with Everything.” You should ask your child to sing it for you!


These first two full weeks of school are heavily focused on learning routines and procedures. How to line up, how to go into the main building to use the restrooms, how to get the teacher’s attention, what to do when you first arrive in the morning, how to act during dismissal, etc. I have a long list of very specific things I’m teaching them. Kindergarteners see the world in very objective, right & wrong, black & white terms, and I capitalize on that by making how they should behave in class very clear to them. When the class doesn’t perform a procedure correctly, we practice it again. Sometimes we end up practicing a procedure four or five times, but when the class gets it, I count that as a victory and everyone reaps the reward of a calmer classroom.


I’ll be updating this blog every few days. As more parent and teacher volunteers come into the classroom, I’ll be able to take more pictures to share with you. I really enjoy utilizing the various ways I can give you a window into your child’s day. 


Please comment and let me know of any questions you have. Not only do I want to answer your questions, but it’s highly likely a lot of other parents have that same question, so I’m eager to do more blog posts to answer your questions. 


Always feel free to email me at rachel.nowlin@academyforgod.org and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.


I was able to gather a few pictures from our school photographer, and I’ve posted those below. Also, I’ve posted a screen shot of your child’s daily schedule. Thank you for reading!

Here is your child's weekly schedule!

Here is your child's weekly schedule!