Class Dojo

Hi Parents!

I’ve invited all of you to a new classroom behavioral management app called Class Dojo. It looks really fun and kindergarten friendly, so I’m excited to explore it with all of you. It’s the same type of app as Class Charts, which our older students use, but Class Dojo has the following additional features:

  • I can upload a picture in the moment of what your child is doing and post it to their “story.”
  • You can message me privately and ask any questions you’d like about their behavior, or about pictures that i post. I hope to increase parent-teacher communication this way.
  • Your child can see their own account and customize their little “monster” avatar. I hope they have a lot of fun with this. This requires you to download the class dojo app onto your child’s iPad. Don’t sign into your parent account there. Instead, create a student account.
  • I can instantly award points to an entire table group. We have three table groups—yellow, blue, and red.

I’ll be awarding the following types of points:

  • Positive points showing good character and the values we learn at school. These are worth 2 points.
  • Positive points that denote responsibility, such as using transitions wisely and doing their full morning procedure correctly. These are worth 1 point.
  • Positive points that denote following the rules, such as raising a hand to speak. These are worth 1 point.
  • Warning points that will show you when your child received a warning about a certain negative behavior. These are worth 0 points and won’t affect their weekly point score, but helps increase parent-teacher communication.
  • Warning points to show that a student didn’t bring a water bottle or a jacket to school. These are worth 0 points and help to inform parents.
  • Demerit points, which are negative points, where a child received a warning and then repeated the negative behavior. These are worth -1 points.
  • Demerit points, again negative, for more severe bad behavior, such as hurting another student. These are worth -3 points. I hope to never have to use this.

I might also add more point categories throughout the year.

Here are the points your child can earn EVERY day:

  • 1 point for Morning Procedure—When a student enters the room nicely, puts their iPad in their seat sack, puts their water bottle on the shelf, and then sits down to eat breakfast, or do another activity if not eating breakfast, in that order. This helps them to be fully prepared for their day and not have to return to their backpack in the middle of a class.
  • Responsible transition—For every transition/break during which a student both uses the restroom AND gets a drink of water, they can earn 1 point.
  • Daily job—every day that a student completes their classroom job, they can earn 1 point.
  • Class challenge—every time the class as a whole shows excellent behavior during an activity, transition, class, etc. they earn a tally mark on the board. When they reach 5 tally marks for that day, everyone in the class earns a class challenge point worth 1 point.

Please feel free to email me any questions you might have about this new system. We are going to try Class Dojo for one quarter and then evaluate if we want to continue using it or if we want to return to Class Charts. I'm very excited about Class Dojo and hope it is a great experience!