The Institute Online is pleased to announce it’s course offering for the Fall 2019 semester!

Research and Inductive Study will begin on Tuesday, September3rd at 7:30 pm CST and run for 12 consecutive weeks.

The course will be facilitated by Nathan Cameron

Course Description:

This course focuses on giving the student the skills necessary to responsibly study the Bible regardless of their life setting. By implementing the inductive study method throughout a selection of varied texts the student will gain the confidence and ability to produce life changing teachings, sermons, and writings rooted in God’s word. 

This course is designed to introduce new students to the inductive study method and to strengthen the capability and confidence of returning students need to interpret scripture on their own. The course has been carefully designed to walk inductively through select texts not covered elsewhere in the Biblical Foundations program.

If you or someone you know would enjoy this program read on below. You can fill out the form if you have any questions or hit the orange "Apply Now" link to apply!

Program Description

The Institute Online program is for anyone who wants to further his or her knowledge of the Bible. It is specifically catered towards adult learners who are unable, for whatever reason, to attend a traditional school. Our students range from people involved in full-time ministry and careers to parents of a student enrolled in the Institute or Academy for G.O.D. Because our goal is to teach students rather than pacing our way through curriculum, they have real-time access to a caring and knowledgeable teaching staff.

This program helps students appreciate a careful reading of God’s Word that is accountable to an academic community without losing the spiritual and practical application that the text demands. If you are familiar with academic study of the Bible, you may have been struck at one point by the discipline’s lack of practical grounding. Perhaps you have wondered why biblical scholarship, for all of its efforts, has largely made the study of the Word less, rather than more, intelligible. By contrast, the way we teach you to study the Word helps you find root in your daily interactions and to further appreciate the earth-shattering revelation that came in Jesus as you gain a greater understanding of God’s Word.

Program Details

The Biblical Foundations Certification

The Biblical Foundations Certification is a 36-credit program that covers the major genres of the Bible (Torah, Prophets, Writings, Gospels, Paul, John, and General Epistles). Students will participate in an interactive online format with other students as they learn the fundamental teachings of the Bible. Courses will be taught in a flexible 12-week format that allows students to work largely at their own pace.

What are the cost and time commitments?

Students should be prepared to spend six hours a week per class. 

The cost is $690 per class. This includes access to the online course site that contains all lectures, homework, quizzes and discussions. Access to Logos Bible Software (which is required for students in this program) is also covered in this cost.Students will also have real-time access to a teaching staff with dedicated ‘office hours.’ Technical support is included. This cost does not cover course books which students are expected to procure themselves.

*Semester cost must be paid before access to the course site is given. Payment is handled through our registration system that is made available to students after confirming enrollment.  Payment plans are also available. Contact the bursar for details.

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I am so very grateful to be learning, studying and growing in my faith at the Institute Online. I was a little nervous about being back in school after 30 years of being out of the classroom, but as it turns out I had nothing to be nervous about. I have completed three semesters now and I am so excited to be gaining new insights into God’s word and what He wants for me and from me. I value the relationships I have with my online classmates and instructors and I love learning at the Institute Online. I find it extraordinary how the instructors teach with such love, authority and humility, all at the same time. I know that is because they follow the best example ever, Jesus Christ.
— Julie Harshbarger
I’ve taken every course offered through the Institute Online and am incredibly grateful for the ways I’ve grown as a person and as a leader. I work in full-time ministry and these courses have become a quiet space for me to invest in my own spiritual growth while serving and leading others. Thanks to the Institute teachers I’ve learned to combine and truly appreciate my love for literature with my understanding of the Bible. The courses helped me apply both the academic and practical applications of the Word in my daily work and life, and my colleagues and family will all attest to seeing me grow into a more confident and responsible leader as a result. I can’t recommend the Institute online enough! You will be challenged by what you learn about yourself and the world, but if you are truly seeking to live closer to the Lord then the Institute offers the perfect pace and supportive space for anyone seeking to grow in any season of life.
— Jen Fisher
I took my first class with the Institute Online in the fall of 2016 and can honestly say it was the best decision. I’ve taken a number of classes online over the years while earning both my Bachelor and Master degrees. The Institute Online class setting with evening webinar and discussion forums work well with my work schedule while affording me the opportunity to pursue my passion and thirst for a deeper exploration of the Word with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ. Moreover, it was abundantly clear the instructor for the course was knowledgeable and welcomed interaction throughout the semester in both the webinar and discussion settings. I am grateful he allowed the Lord to use him to bring clarity to the Word. For anyone considering the Institute Online, I would say, “Do it! You won’t be sorry!”
— Beverly Webb