Early on Missionaries were called Explorers. "Heroes" like David Livingstone went among the "heathen" and converted them through what has widely become known as colonialism. No thanks. See below for another way of "doing missions."



A Paradigm Shift in Missions Work

The current paradigm of short-term, project-oriented trips to the 3rd world, where young professionals or college students seeking a summer adventure, tour the globe to do good, and afterward 'grow up' and settle into their everyday lives with memories of that time abroad; that paradigm comes to an end with Global Outreach Developments Int'l. Read some thoughts on the necessity for a change in how this generation does missions work. And more importantly, what the bible has to say about it. 


Short Term Missions:
Is it effective for long term change?

How much can be accomplished in a week or two? By people who can't speak the language... or know the culture... or have a long term strategy?

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Affluent Kids "Doing Missions"

"Will we be able to go on a safari?" We may not be able to stop kids with a bank account from "doing missions," but at least we can call it what it is "voluntourism." 

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doing Missions is good, but you need
"something to fall back on."

How can someone be sufficiently prepared to do a job like that of a missionary, when their primary focus is "something to fall back on?" Isn't that like trying to walk on water and wearing scuba gear?

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I Want to Be A Missionary;
Intercultural Studies, or Int'l Business?

Are there any schools out there really preparing young people for the mission field? Could a degree be more important than an education?

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Grant & Kids in India (1 of 1)-2.jpg

People Are Dying, 
Just Get Out There And Do Something!

It can be quite overwhelming to encounter the pain and suffering of those in the 3rd world. Why shouldn't people just leave it all behind and live amongst the people to make a difference?

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I'm More into Awareness...
Let's make a documentary.

Is making someone aware of the issue, the same as doing something to resolve the issue? Social media, film, awareness campaigns can get a lot of attention, but do they work?

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I Want to Start a Ministry for Orphans:
Not an orphanage. Like a home... for Orphans.

Is the "children's home" really any different from the "orphanage?" Are such group venues really the only solution for kids without parents?

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"Sex Tourism & Human Trafficking Are Terrible: I'd like to see it and move those girls out of there..."

Is it possible we're creating an acceptable industry out of an illicit industry? Perhaps one of the darkest problems in our world shouldn't get so much attention from young kids without any expertise in the matter.

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Feeding People is Good and All,
but Saving Souls, that's what Jesus did!

After Jesus fed 5,000 hungry people in a dry land, his critics asked him to show a sign that God had sent him. Modern evangelicals seems to dismiss Jesus' actual activity for religious expectations, subjecting organizations who are concerned with peoples wellness to the same scrutiny.

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Is my money more effective 
than my presence?

3 mission trips at $3,000 equals $9,000. It cost about $4,500 to build an impoverished family a home better than they could've ever built in their lifetime. I could've built 2 homes for a month and half of presence abroad. Is that okay?

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