In order for students to thrive, teachers have to.

Sometimes a kid will fail. Behavioral issues, learning deficiencies, a rough bout at home - any number of issues can cause kids to dropout of school. But then sometimes, schools fail. When a school fails, no child has a chance. In most developing world situations, the child doesn’t have the option to just “go to another school.” When whole groups of children miss out on education, we all fail.

Schools are too integral to society to fail, yet it happens all the time. Instead of moving teachers out of failing schools and to better jobs, leaving the kids and their troubled system behind, we help address the underlying issues that result in the school failing. Nothing can adequately substitute children getting an education. But that requires teachers and administrators who aren’t low on energy, resources, or the empowerment necessary to see children thrive. You can help make sure schools get what they need, so they can thrive.

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