The Need

The average Salvadoran diet consists of large amounts of corn, beans, and rice. This food lacks the nutrients needed for a healthy diet, and the deficiencies affect children the most. In order to provide a well-rounded diet for their families, farmers need training and equipment to grow different kinds of food.

Our Response

We have been working hard to help rural farmers grow their own food by time-tested techniques that work in their climate. In order to expand our agricultural training program, we need more supplies. These supplies will go directly to households and farmers who need to grow a variety of food but lack the resources to do so.

How You Can Help

In a joint effort this last summer, our team helped our Salvadoran friends expand their growing space from 5 to16 garden beds. Their effort to condition this new area and start growing more produce is going well. To sustain our current beds and increase productivity, we need your help! You can equip these farmers with everything they need to succeed, from shovels and watering supplies, to chicken wire to keep out animals, helping them to establish nutrition for their families as well as the community at large.