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We Do Community Service

These are services we perform in the United States

We facilitate a Community Service program for youth, called SLAM, and have a few thousand participants each year.


We are one of Nashville's premier organizations for
service to refugees and immigrants.


We perform home repair,
minor renovation, and housekeeping
for the disabled and elderly.


We facilitate athletic clinics for kids,
particularly for low-income families.


We distribute food to the needy, including
the widows of our neighborhood, routinely.


We facilitate an annual
skills enhancement summer camp
for low-income youth (6 - 14 yrs. old)
called "Camp Skillz."


We host a venue for the Arts:
Music, Theater, Dance, and Poetry
to create social awareness, offer opportunities for self expression, and provide low-cost entertainment.


We provide Childbirth Education and Labor Support
to refugee, immigrant, and very low-income families.


We provide driver's training and education
to refugees and immigrants.


We initiate community gardens
for low income housing complexes
to supplement their nutrition.


We facilitate a support group
for those who suffer from chronic illnesses.


We facilitate a "Parents Day Out" program
to serve families near our campus.


We facilitate a "Free Lunch" summer program
for the low-income neighborhood
where our campus is located.


We visit local organizations
and put on awareness presentations
to help them get a vision for how they can serve those in need within their proximity.


We've created venues on our campus
for neighborhood kids to play,
where previously they had nowhere--
basketball courts, a playground, a soccer field,
and a community center!


We provide financial and time management consultations
to low-income families.


We Do 3rd World Development Work

This is the work we do abroad, specifically in
Latin America, East Africa, India, and South East Asia

We build homes and teach locals how to do so
sustainably, and with appropriate technology. 


We relocate victims of conflict who were internally displaced, and help them build or rebuild their homes.


We build ecological latrines and
teach locals how to duplicate the process.


We install water catchment systems
on homes and public schools.


We dig, repair, and maintain village wells.


We teach lime wash techniques
instead of traditional painting,
which is easier to do, more affordable,
and in our opinion, looks better.


We perform wound care clinics
for impoverished communities.


We provide educational seminars on preventable diseases such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and Cholera.


We are the Primary Care Physicians for over
400 kids, and 100 adults in the 3rd world.


We provide emergency health care funding
for qualified emergencies
in proximity to our village locations.


We provide labor support and midwives
to village communities, local clinics, and hospitals.


We teach biointensive gardening seminars
for local farmers to produce an abundance of crop
on small spaces of land.


We provide food relief in emergency situations.


We build and teach locals to build "Rocket Stoves" -- efficiency stoves that majorly reduce smoke inhalation.


We teach innovative animal husbandry techniques
and facility creation for ensuring healthy environments for families, while raising animals. 


We help farmers implement crop variety strategy
to enhance the nutritional intake of their family.  


We help schools start community gardens
to produce food for their lunch programs.


We provide teachers for understaffed village schools.


We provide resources, including curriculum assistance, for village schools.


We provide consultation, resources, and staffing
for youth athletic programs in villages.


We facilitate adult literacy programs.


We sponsor primary, secondary, trade-school, and University students in tuition, room/board, books, supplies, and transportation. 


We provide funding, and assistance targeted at
the widow, orphan, disabled, and the elderly.  


We facilitate youth mentor programs
for young people transitioning into adulthood.


We facilitate legal services
for impoverished families in the areas of
property disputes, inheritance claims,
imprisonment, debts, childbirth, and contracts.


We facilitate Empowerment Gatherings
providing a Civic Education for locals
concerning the rights they have access to
as citizens in their country.


We create markets, and teach business owners
how to navigate that market in terms of
ethical business practices. 


We consult and/or 
create business start-ups,
create Jobs, and provide Trade Development Seminars to enhance local economies.


We facilitate Youth Empowerment gatherings,
targeted at their moral, social,
and academic development.


We visit prisoners, and both advise
and facilitate Moral Development Programs for entire prisons.


We provide basic supplies to prisoners;
including clothing, blankets, hygiene kits,
and First Aid kits.


We provide clothing, hygiene kits, shoes,
blankets, and dental kits to impoverished families
and village schools.


We provide consultation to
local community leaders for
village improvement in the areas of
Transportation/Roads, Education,
Women's and Youth Empowerment, Water, Structure,
Moral Development, and Peacemaking.


We Teach People How to Think About God,
People, the World We Live in; 
How We Can Preserve Life,
and Live in Peace Together

We do this everywhere, but have a broader audience in the 3rd world including government leaders, but more importantly widows, orphans, the sick, unemployed, disabled, slaves, impoverished children, and hungry families.

We facilitate an after school program for middle schoolers with Metro Nashville Public Schools.


We run a K-12 school Nationally,
And A Primary School internationally.


We run a College and Graduate School,
nationally and internationally.


We run an Online Certification Program
in Theology for Moral Development.


We run a Childbirth Educator Certification Program.


We run a Doula (Labor Support)
Certification Program.


We provide a variety of Internships in the fields of
Graphic Design, Accounting, Social Work,
Public Health, Organizational Management,
Agriculture, Business, Building, and the Arts.


We train and equip theologians
who can implement a practical expertise.


We Train & Equip
Career Development Workers

The Bible teaches us that God's Major Project is the Human Being. He wants to build them up and develop them into people who are like Him - the Children of God. We not only subject ourselves to this training, but also train others to get involved in that work of God.