The Need

There is a plot of land that sits beside our community center that you might otherwise ignore if you weren't thinking just how valuable such a plot could be for growing food.  It was once filled with debris, brush, untamed plant life, and everyday trash. While chronic malnutrition has reached its highest point in 10 years on the islands, small plots of land go uncultivated all over the Philippines.  

Our Response

Today, thanks to the hard work of a group of young people, the land is clear and producing food.  We call it the Community Garden at Tahanan. Our staff at Tahanan hosts high school and college-age youth for bible studies, movie nights, and shared meals weekly. The on-site garden provides at-risk youth with the opportunity for meaningful work and skills development in a country where there is so much opportunity to grow food, yet few lack the skill or land on which to grow it.

We have over 600 square feet of double-dug garden beds prepared and planted, vertical-growing trellises, and a small-scale chicken egg and meat project in the beginning stages.

The produce and poultry that come out of the garden at Tahanan won’t just stay there - we have opportunities to deliver to neighbors, ministry partners, as well as the local elementary school and prison!

How You Can Help!

We also have volunteers who, with minimal funds, could offer more consistent participation working the land. A donation to this project allows us to compensate them for their work, as well as purchase supplies like seeds, garden tools, and chicken feed. Consider contributing to our efforts to facilitate an empowering way for these youth to expend their energy, producing food from the land.  The button below will open up to more detail options of small ways you can contribute towards this effort.  

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