Education in Tahanan

Education a primary focus at our community center, and we have programs for the youngest learners through adults. Learn more in this video made by Audio/Visual Intern, MC.

Program for Assisted Studies 2018 Begins!

With the start of the new school year this month in the Philippines, our tutoring and skills development program has also commenced! Supervised by Irish Dagami, PAS has taken off with much enthusiasm and anticipation! We're thankful to offer a healthy and safe environment for students to grow academically and socially. 

Video created by GOD Int'l SEA Intern, MC. 

SLAM Service Plunge

A dozen high school students came together to learn the Bible and serve in the Palo community during a SLAM service weekend at Tahanan!

Biblical Interpretation Seminar

SEA Team Members, Jason Carpenter and Chris Cameron, host a Biblical Interpretation Seminar at for youth and interns at Tahanan Community Center. The attendees learned literary analysis tools to examine a biblical text in order to gain understanding and apply the scripture to their lives. Thank you to all who attended! 

Biblical Studies Seminar

Our 2017 Biblical Studies seminar in the Philippines was held at the Tahanan Community Center in Tacloban, where teachers and development workers from G.O.D. International gave participants the tools they need for studying the Bible on their own.

A Look into Tahanan Community Center

The name of our community center here in Tacloban is “Tahanan,” which means “home” in Tagalog. Our hope with Tahanan is to create a space for people to gather where they can learn God’s Word, fellowship together, and have opportunities to serve. Over the last year, we have hosted bible studies, dinners, and facilitated times for local youth to serve in the community. 

Theology and Service Mission

Dr. Mike Garner discusses the trip he will facilitate to the Philippines in mid-August.  The trip's purpose will be to expose adults to a variety of systemic issues that exist in the Philippines and also address them on a biblical level.  

South East Asia Internship 2016

Join our SLAM summer internship on a trip to the Philippines this summer of 2016.  You will have the opportunity to bring hope and joy to a people who only a few years lost everything in the biggest storm to ever hit the Philippines.  

Making Friends as We Work

This short video is about our friend Tano who works with Mercy in Action. Several men from our team have spent significant amounts of time working with Tano around the Mercy in Action properties both in Old Cabalan as well as in the mountains. Tano is a very generous and kind man whose family we have enjoyed getting to know, all nine of them!