Traveling to Uganda is almost guaranteed to change you. You will meet some of the most hospitable people in the world, be confronted by overwhelming poverty, and be challenged to meet needs using the gifts and skills God has given you. 

You will serve local widows--showing them worth through your presence and willingness to hear their stories. Then you might build them a rocket stove, to help save their health, and their bills. You will assist teachers in their classrooms, and help provide the things kids need for a successful school day--like food and water. You might help in the garden, or in the construction of a home, or by marketing for our store, The Trade

You will worship and study the Bible with a new family, and find encouragement in one another's testimonies. You'll work side-by-side to alleviate burdens and find the Lord giving you strength. 

Trip Information


Contact us for date availability. 

Cost: $4,000*

Age: 16+

*Price may increase outside this range pending the time of trip and the size of team.

On Site Information

Ministry History: Our ministry began working in Bombo Town in 2004. Through the Lord’s guidance and help, we met a pastor in the area who had been praying for someone to teach his congregation the Word of God, something our organization was eager to do. Thus, our ministry in Uganda began! With utmost emphasis on God's Word, we have been able to offer biblical education and leadership training for hundreds of Ugandans! In addition, we've provided training and empowerment in bio-intensive farming, children's education, sustainable building, and water solutions (including installing wells). We've offered volunteers to local primary schools and facilitated kid's camps, wound care clinics, literacy classes, and Bible conferences. Our base of cooperatives continues this work year-round as they run a Bible college and work as educators, builders, and farmers in the area. 

Location: Kabonge (2 miles outside of Bombo Town)

Kabonge is a predominantly agrarian village about 25 miles north of Kampala, the country’s capital. The majority of the people in the area are farmers and most of them are either Muslim or Christian. The area is quite peaceful, especially compared to the hustle and bustle of nearby Bombo Town, or the capital of Kampala.

In the village center one can find small kiosks that sell basic necessities like food, kerosene, and calling time for phones. You might also might find a tailor using an old manually driven sewing machine, or a welder creating doors on the side of the road. All the roads and paths are dirt, and the main mode of transport is walking. Life moves at much slower pace than what most people in the West are used to. Everywhere you look, there are an abundance of children.

Language: Luganda, Swahili, English

Food, Travel, and Lodging: Host Homes, Churches, Tents, Hotels.  A team may stay in any combination of these options, depending on the length of their stay and how much they travel. 

Types of Ministry: Participants will have opportunities to teach at a local understaffed schools, facilitate after school programs for at-risk youth, do light construction, host sports camps, work alongside local farmers, serve local widows, and facilitate kids camps. Each day, students will experience life in Uganda firsthand--from staying in host homes of locals, to helping children with their chores, to traveling to the market to prepare food. They will receive the gift of hearing their stories of faith as they work to ease the burdens they carry.