Would you like to experience one of the world’s most unique cultures, participate in meaningful service and be challenged to learn God in new ways? If you answered yes, come and join us in India!

Our SLAM trips are designed to introduce you to cross-cultural ministry, framed by the Scriptures, prayer, and worship. You will join us in working with impoverished youth at local schools, learn about the public health needs of one of the most densely populated areas of the world, and participate in various forms of social service! You'll visit Sikh and Hindu temples, and then meet and worship with Indian believers who have come to know Jesus as Lord.

We don’t just want to show you around, we want you to join us in our work, bring your experience, skills, and gifts to make a difference while you’re there. Past participants have improved school facilities, taught high school students, led music and games with children, visited with widows, documented photography and videography projects, and much more! We will do our best to incorporate your skill set in our continual effort to demonstrate the Lord’s love as we serve together.

Trip Information


We will work with your team to determine trip dates.

Cost: $3,500-$4,500*

*Above cost is based on a minimum group size of 10. If group is less than 10, trip cost may increase.

Age: 17 & up

On Site Information

Ministry History: There is no single issue that adversely affects all of India, nor is there a simple solution. As cities sprawl and land developers either take ancestral lands or deplete them of natural resources (including water), India’s rural poor migrate to the city in search of work. This creates large communities of need who struggle daily to meet basic necessities for food, education and healthcare. The India regional team has focused their efforts in the areas of primary education, maternal and infant healthcare, and job creation.

Location: The NCR (National Capital Region)

The National Capital Region (NCR) of India extends over 19 regions, with a combined population of 45 million people, including the major city of Delhi. For the India regional team, this is our area of concentration.

The NCR offers our team something unique to India—it provides a universal experience. People from all over the country come to the NCR, which affords us the opportunity to learn history, develop relationships, advance language learning, and familiarize ourselves with Indian culture. Unlike less cosmopolitan regions of India, the English language is commonly spoken by large numbers of nationals residing in the area and Western culture is more widely accepted.

Language: Hindi

Food, Travel, and Lodging: Teams will stay in guest rooms at our Indian office in the NCR.

Types of Ministry: SLAM groups will teach children in church and schools, offer preventative healthcare education, minister at a local orphanage, volunteer in local health clinics, and participate in social service work with widows and orphans. **

Trip Preparation and Wrap Up: SLAM will facilitate trip preparations and debriefing that help equip and frame you and your team’s experience.

**SLAM will inform you of your service project specifics several weeks prior to your trip date.