The Need

Youth in El Salvador need jobs, especially jobs that train them for a better future. Many youth in El Salvador unfortunately turn to gangs to find the security and better future they long for.

Our Response 

Our internship program offers, first and foremost, an education in God’s Word along with practical skills in primary education, health care, and agriculture. This combination of God’s Word and practical skills is our best effort to give them the preparation they need for a healthy adulthood. Every intern is given a full scholarship, allowing them to focus solely on their studies.

How You Can Help

Your donation will provide tuition for youth who would otherwise have no means to pay for this education. Your donation literally contributes to saving lives. Youth will have options available to them that otherwise wouldn’t exist and they can know God!



Note: If you set up a recurring payment of $90 a month, you’ll meet the complete needs of an intern for the entire year!