The Need 

In Uganda, “free universal education” is not as free as it claims to be. Students are kept out of school if they fail to report in the proper uniform, or bearing the necessary books and supplies. Families are still charged for lunches and exam fees. Still more, an estimated 30% of girls drop out of school due to a lack of sanitary products at the onset of menstruation. These factors weigh heavily on already poor families -- 68% of children who enroll in primary school drop out before their 7 years are complete.

Our Response 

In addition to offering support through building repairs, teacher training and additional personnel, we also regularly supply students with the materials they need to stay in school.

How You Can Help 

Getting students the supplies they need is sometimes half the battle. Without, they cannot participate in class, or feel too ashamed to show up at all. Because we gift multiple classrooms with supplies, this is an ongoing need you can help us to meet!