Time is the most valuable commodity and when people offer their time to serve God and others, it's an investment into a better world.



by Sara J. Davis

Volunteering at G.O.D. Int’l starts with a desire to serve. Anyone is welcome to volunteer with our organization and the experience can be very rewarding. A variety of tasks need accomplished on the day-to-day, and physical presence on campus isn't even necessary to help out.

Volunteers are highly involved in what G.O.D. Int’l accomplishes on a day-to-day basis. Some spheres of volunteerism include: a full-service cafeteria, the local “Hopewell Gardens”, grounds maintenance at the property headquarters, bookkeeping, organizing events, and more. 

Although operating with such a large volunteer base can present difficulties like volunteers who may lack specific training,

and even at times the necessary motivation, we believe our effort to serve people holistically includes developing the volunteer.

G.O.D. Int’l is committed to developing the human resource – that is, making sure that people are the ultimate source of aid when serving their community at large. To this end, volunteers should be well trained to ensure that their volunteer hours are spent efficiently. 

By ensuring volunteers are equipped appropriately, they are able to navigate the challenges presented to them and find the proper motivation to press forward.

Helping volunteers see the bigger picture can serve as a great motivator to accomplish the tasks presented to them.  With a gained understanding of the history of our organization, the biblical principles upon which we base our activity, and adequate preparation for each task, it becomes easy for volunteers to see that the potentially small tasks they accomplish today significantly contribute to tomorrow’s success.

A volunteer at G.O.D. Int’l is distinct from a member of the organization in the following ways: a) he/she is not required to meet certain standards of age, experience and education
b) he/she does not have voting power, and
c) he/she is not expected to be well-versed in vernacular particular to the organization that is utilized for efficiency.  

Volunteers, then, are free to give of their time as much or as little as they choose, and are guaranteed the benefit of hands-on mentorship and training in their area of volunteerism.